Springtime Is Home Improvement Time

Dated: 03/29/2019

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Thinking Home Improvement? 

Think about what's going to give you the most return on your investment.Image title

Springtime is here!  Now is the time to set the much put off tasks of, dare I say?  "Spring Cleaning".  Now that your body has (finally!) adjusted to the new times and we've stopped mourning that lost hour of sleep, you can now focus on dusting off the patio furniture, seeding your lawns, and just giving your home an overall sprucing up.  And for some folks, it's time to think about starting some awesome new home improvement projects, adding a few new design features or even a full blown remodel!

For those that know exactly what their personal tastes are and have already carved out their budget, this task may be easier than for others who struggle with those dreaded fears of adding a feature or design that may be out of date.  (Just think popcorn ceilings.)  Will adding those new quartz counter tops today be an eyesore tomorrow?  Are you really going to recoup your investment of adding that swimming pool when you go to resale?  That's a gamble that many homeowners take every time they consider a home improvement project.

While I will only ever tell my clients that the only thing I guarantee that will give you a return on your investment is that $50 can of paint, the good news is that there are many features that can help future Sellers sell their homes faster and with an added value.  According to a recent Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University study homeowners are spending an average of $12,361 in home improvements, most going to upgrading kitchens and bathrooms.

And according to Realtor.com, the features that are getting the most bang for the buck in resale are some of the good old standards for example:

1.  A Chef's kitchen - "gourmet" kitchen (Agreed.  The kitchen is the heart of the home.)

2.  Home gyms (get those weights organized, time to turn that coat rack back into a treadmill!)

3.  Theater rooms (in my house, this is called the family room, but one can always dream.)

4.  3 car garages (Ah, the 3 car garage.  2 car spaces for all my families junk, and that extra space is where my car can actually park.)

5.  Quartz counter tops (Yup, the days of granite are numbered, quartz is the hot ticket in the kitchen these days.)

6.  Exterior lighting (Especially on a front porch or walkway.  Twilight pictures are all the rage in Real Estate photos and nothing looks better than a warm and welcoming front exterior of a home.)

7.  Solar Panels (This is tricky.  I would agree that paid for Solar Panels are a great thing, but read those Solar Agreements before signing up.)

8.  Tennis Courts (this one stumped me, really?)

9.  Home Office (for sure!  But if you are going to do a home office, try to squeeze in that closet, just so you can also claim it's a bedroom)

10.  Smart home features (this could be a Nest thermostat , Pool Automated functions such as the Omnilogic, or even Security Cameras like Ring)  

For a full list of other features that could add value to a future home sale, check out Realtor.com's article or give me a call at 951-691-3897 and I'm happy to chat home improvement with you!

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